Why Mendoza


Strategic Location

Mendoza is located along the route that links two of South America’s most important capital cities: Buenos Aires (1,000 km to the East) and Santiago de Chile (400 km to the West), representing the shortest distance between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. São Paulo, Brazil is located 3,200 km to the East of Mendoza. More than half (66%) of the goods transported by land from Mercosur countries to the Pacific ports go through the Cristo Redentor Pass (through the Andes Mountains) located in Mendoza. View more









Mendoza never stops. Thanks to its strength, Mendoza has doubled its production of goods and services over the past nine years. Viticulture, Gas, Oil, Tourism and Agribusiness, among others, offer great investment opportunities in Mendoza.View more






Human capital and creativity

People’s skills make the real difference. Mendoza has a highly skilled, well-experienced population ready to engage in any kind of productive activity.

With a literacy rate close to 100%, 8 universities and 7 university institutes, investors find in Mendoza all the necessary human resources to develop their business in any kind of industry.View more







Mendoza has reserves of oil, gas, potassium, coper, silicon, gypsum, gold, iron, zinc, quartz, manganese, among others. The province’s abundant natural resources are why Mendoza is considered an energy generation hub. There is great potential for hydroelectric, solar and geothermal energy production.

The weather is pleasant, mild, stable and with little rain.
Astonishing landscapes frame the productive, turistic and recreational activities in the province.
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Connectivity and services

Two international passes linking Mendoza to Chile, an international airport,12 hydroelectric plants, routes, communications, one network access point (NAP), broad offer of supplies and services. Melt water from high mountain glaciers irrigate 360,000 hectares throughout the province, making Mendoza a worldwide example of sustainable use of water resources. View more





Living better

Mendoza ranks first in regards to quality of life in Argentina (CONICET, 2013). It provides a wide range of educational, cultural and recreational options. Health services meet international standards and it is connected to the world through an extensive network of roads, domestic and international flights, telecommunications and high speed Internet services. View more






Matter of State

The attraction of investments to the province is a strategic priority, a real matter of state. The Investment Promotion Agency of the Province of Mendoza (Mendoza Invest) assists potential investors and accompanies them through the process of concreting their projects. The Province provides funding for productive investment projects and -working together with private and state banks- subsidies the interest rate on loans for strategic projects. View more