The Investment Promotion Agency of the Province of Mendoza (Mendoza Invest) is the entry point to the Province for local and foreign investors and reports directly to the Governor.



The role of the Agency is to offer tailor-made information to the investor as well as working closely throughout the business plan development, the site visits to the Province, the start up and the execution of the investment project.
Mendoza Invest offers a wide range of free services throughout the investment project stages:


Investment Facilitation

Our Agency counts with a professional team and updated databases to provide in-depth information about Mendoza in general, as well as on specific industry segments of interest to the investor.



Investment Facilitation

After the investment project’s main parameters have been specified, a project manager is assigned to work with the potential investor throughout the site-selection and preparation period of the investment project. The services offered in this phase are the following:

  • Tailor-made site visits to Mendoza.
  • Contacting public, private and academic institutions to collect specific information on incentives, financing, permits, human resources, etc.
  • Business property identification.
  • Link with strategic local and foreign partners.
  • Liaising with service companies and suppliers with local experience that offer a wide range of services and are skilled at ensuring the smooth entry of foreign and local investments.


This network seeks to improve the efficiency in procedures needed to implement productive investment projects through linking the different institutions involved in those procedures.
The institutions in the network designate a specific person who acts as direct connection with the Investment Promotion Agency on issues that require the participation of that particular institution. This fluid communication allows reducing time and following up with the right areas to ensure the best results.
Institutions that would like to join this network can express their interest writing to the following e-mail:


Our services do not end with the investor’s entry into the Province of Mendoza. Aftercare includes the following activities:

  • Support for expansion, reinvestments, and R&D capacities.
  • Support regarding sources for financing projects, incentives and development programs for expansion and reinvestment projects.
  • Development of investors’ cooperation with local schools and universities.
  • Support with business procedures requested by local, provincial and national authorities.