According to the Construction Industry Statistical Institute (IERIC), 875 construction companies are based in Mendoza and employ more than 10,000 people (2012).

Mendoza-based companies employ highly qualified staff. They are equipped to provide a wide range of engineering and architectural services to undertake a variety of projects which includes hydraulic, ports, roads, electromechanics, sanitation works and ground-movement services. There is also capacity for the construction of bridges, dams, hydroelectric power stations, tunnels, channels, aqueducts, shopping centers, houses, hospitals and buildings, among others.  Some of these companies carry out projects in other provinces and internationally.

Why invest in the construction sector in Mendoza?

  • Proven experience and background
  • Development potential for premium business and large-scale infrastructure projects
  • Local production of strategic supplies
  • Highly skilled human resources
  • State-of-the-art material testing laboratory
  • Industrial parks
  • Government support


Public Infrastructure Projects Investment Opportunities

Health: Construction and expansion of hospitals.

Security: Construction of strategic operation centers (buildings using the TETRA security system), installation of surveillance camera systems.

Transportation: Tram-train, partly in the execution stage and partly under the bidding process.

Hydroelectric plants:

  • Cordón del Plata: 1770 MW
  • El Baqueano: 190 MW
  • Río Grande: 1257 MW

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