The province of Mendoza has qualified companies, technology development, skilled technicians, raw materials and renewable natural resources to develop further energy resources to cover the present and future demand.

Mendoza’s Electricity Network

  • Electricity supply for 98% of the population.
  • 530,000 connected users.
  • Photovoltaic solar energy supply for 1,500 families.
  • 19,230 km of electric lines.
  • 11 medium and low voltage electric distribution plants.
  • 6 electricity generation companies: 12 hydroelectric power stations and 3 thermal groups.
  • 1,410 MW of installed power (55% hydroelectric).
  • 6,250 GWh/year of generated power.

The province of Mendoza is located in one of the areas with the greatest solar energy potential in the planet.

Why invest in the Energy Sector in Mendoza?

  • Incentives to develop renewable energy
  • Local response capacity and qualified human resources
  • Infrastructure available for power transportation
  • Hydroelectric potential
  • Solar energy potential


Opportunities to invest in the sector

Large hydroelectric plants:

  • Cordón del Plata: 1770MW
  • El Baqueano: 190MW
  • Río Grande: 1257MW 

Small hydroelectric projects

  • 34 available drops for small hydro projects throughout the provincial territory. Power to be installed: 160 MW (estimated) and energy to be generated: 1,120 GWh/year (estimated).

Solar energy development

  • Photovoltaic parks
  • Production of photovoltaic and thermal supplies

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