Information and Communication Technologies sector
Mendoza is one of the leading provinces of Argentina in terms of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). It stands out in areas like infrastructure (1st place) and ICT access and use in education (3rd place). The provinces of Mendoza, Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Santa Fe concentrate 82.7% of all households with Internet access in the country and 82.6 % of broadband access.


ICT Strategic Plan

The Province has a strategic plan for the development of the local ICT industry. The pillars of the strategic plan are:

  • Developing skilled human resources
  • Encouraging R & D
  • Achieving international quality standards and competitiveness
  • Internationalization of local companies


Why invest in the ICT sector in Mendoza?

  • Internationally competitive local industry
  • Sustained growth of the local market and infrastructure
  • Pro-investment regulatory framework
  • Skilled human capital
  • Dedicated ICT park
  • R&D incentives
  • Globalized local companies
  • Government support


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