Stockbreeding in the province develops in various forms:

  • On dry land
  • On irrigated land
  • Feedlots


  • 3.810 producers
  • 413.000 heads of cattle
  • 700.000 goats
  • 22.850 swine
  • 7 registered establishments for swine meat production (2 million kg)
  • 8 registered establishments bringing in swine from other provinces
  • 148 poultry farms
  • 65% of the area of Mendoza is suitable for livestock production

Mendoza has a Provincial Stockbreeding Development Program created by the Act No. 7074

Why invest in Stockbreeding in Mendoza?

  • Availability of suitable land
  • Convenient relative value per hectare
  • High beef consumption (58 kg per capita) with great growth potential for slaughtering operations, domestic trade and expansion to foreign markets
  • Livestock good health conditions
  • Displacement of livestock farming from the Pampas to new areas
  • Potential for livestock feed production
  • Strategic location
  • Government support


Opportunities to invest in the sector

  • Improvements to increase livestock rearing and finishing
  • Feedlots and its outsourcing services
  • Intensive livestock breeding operations
  • Vertically-integrated contract farming systems
  • Swine feedlots
  • Intensive poultry farms
  • Milking yards and dairy industry
  • Modernization of cold storage plants
  • Infrastructure to improve water quality
  • Roller-chopping service for cattle farms
  • Production and supply of cattle feed
  • Plants for animal feed pellet or balanced feed production
  • Forage harvesting and preservation systems (silage and haylage)
  • Plants for the use of industrial and agricultural byproducts to produce livestock feed
  • Development of goods and services to support the value chain


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