Mendoza is one of ten Great Wine Capitals of the world and stands up for its wine production and trading. (

Argentina is the eighth largest wine-producing country with an annual production of 11.8 million hectoliters from 221,000 ha of vineyards, 71% of which are located in the province of Mendoza. (2012)

The wine industry in Mendoza generates 50% of the province’s total exports and represents more than 80% of Argentina’s wine exports. Mendoza wine exports (bottled wine, must, bulk wine and sparkling wine) totaled US$920 million FOB in 2012.

Argentina is the eighth largest domestic market in the world, with 10 million hectoliters consumed per year. The annual per capita consumption is 24.4 liters which places the country on the 11th position of the international ranking.

Argentina is the largest must exporter in the world. Mendoza contributes with half of it.

There are more than 900 wineries currently operating in Mendoza, creating 113,000 jobs.

Why invest in the Viticulture sector in Mendoza?

Mendoza has comparative advantages that enhance the competitiveness and diversity of its wines:

  • Mild climate and ideal soil for growing high-quality grapevine varieties and healthy vines
  • Convenient price per planted hectare with varieties of excellence
  • Developed network of international-level professionals and service providers
  • Strong public-private commitment to the development of the wine sector
  • Modern infrastructure and advanced technology supported by public and academic institutions and private investment
  • High wine consumption in Argentina with neighboring countries increasing their consumption and imports.
  • Great conditions for organic and biodynamic production
  • Renowned international companies established in Mendoza


Opportunities to invest in the sector
Manufacturing of agricultural machinery, equipment and supplies for wineries, packaging, barrels, muselets/wire hoods.
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