Mendoza has doubled its production of goods and services over the past nine years. The average annual economic growth for the period 2003-2013 was 7.6%.


Sustainable Growth

Average annual Economic Growth Rate
2003 – 2013

“Latin America has become strategically important to the global economy. The fact that many countries in the region have performed well during the crisis showed its strength and improvement in the quality of its economic governance “*

Argentina is one of the world’s examples of economic recovery. Mendoza, with its exporting profile, has been the recipient of significant investments in the tourism and wine industries.

Most relevant Productive Sectors
in Mendoza

  • Viticulture
  • Tourism, trade, gastronomy and accommodations
  • Energy, oil, gas and mining
  • Agriculture and stockbreeding
  • Food and beverage
  • Metal mechanic industry
  • Information and communications technology
  • Services
  • Construction

* Source: World Economic Forum on Latin America, 2012