The Government of Mendoza has a dynamic relationship with the national government, local municipalities, the private sector, universities and research centers.


Commitment to Development

This is embodied in public-private partnerships through various institutions and initiatives created to foster the following:

  • The development of industrial, rural and technological services (through the Institute of Industrial Technological and Services Development and Rural Development Institute). Furthermore, Mendoza offers industrial parks, zones and areas together with a technology park for productive development.
  • Commercial promotion of local products, in the domestic market and export markets (through the Commercial Development Institute, the Investment Promotion Agency and the Export Promotion Foundation ProMendoza). Mendoza operates overseas trade offices in Brazil, China, United States and Venezuela.


Investment promotion is a priority for the province. So much so, that it has a full-service investment promotion agency to provide quality information; assist potential investors and act as a liaison between various public and private organizations in regard to investment.

The local government provides funding for productive investment projects through a special institution called the Fondo para la Transformación y el Crecimiento de Mendoza (Spanish for Fund for the Transformation and Growth of Mendoza). For strategic projects, through agreements with private and state-owned banks, the provincial government of Mendoza offers interest rate subsidies on loans.